Origami Riots EP

by Airborne Mark

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released June 22, 2015

Tracks 1 & 4 produced and recorded at The Lab Studios, London.
Track 2 produced by John Rutter, recorded at The Lab Studios, London.
Track 3 recorded and produced by Bartosz Sczesny, Poznan.

All tracks mixed and mastered by The Lab Studios, London.



all rights reserved


Airborne Mark London, UK

Graffiti artist by day, rapper by night. My heart is an origami cloud...

Singing Pictures & Painting Songs for Eternity and Beyond...

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Track Name: Pepper Spray N' Tear Gas

Liberty =- such a dirty word nowadays
Had enough
Fold them UP!


Here to test beliefs
Up in arms
Empty cans, no blanks
Lines are live
The distance between now and freedom is action
I'm opening heart hinged on art
Look outside and see
The poor getting poorer under schemes of the rich
Is the system broken?
By no means
It was designed this way, it's raining spit
Them at the top
Us crushed at the foot of a cage-based pyramid
Humanity off your knees We are the legion Amazon your gear
We ARE the V!
Vendetta with no shattered glass
No longer can critical mass be averted
Alas, revolution astir
Not even one shot heard
No masks, no blood
As long as we wake up


They say, They preach
You're  salt of the earth
All I get is
Pepper spray 'n' tear gas on the streets
HA Origami Riots
Fold them Up Fold them Up


If nobody obeys
Nobody rules
Without law, would we make it run on love?
I dream oracles each night
My reflection in a pool of petrol as
I'm being assaulted by an officer will it come to pass?
No easy way out. I pray my kids never ask
Dad, what did you exactly do when they were setting the traps???
Chemtrails, GMO's, aspartame, vaccines and fucking fluoride
What got you distracted?
Was it worth the price?
We sleepwalk daily into open claws
See no warning signs anymore
They've been-pasted over with billboards galore
No conscience 
Buy more stuff!
We've done the dirty work already and shackled ourselves  with heavy shopping bags


Paper Plane Here
Paper Plane There
Here, There Every Where


No more tears left
They've all  dried  up
No message in a bottle afloat
But a heap of scorched sand
It's where we must draw the line
If this fucked up world  doesn't anger you enough
You aren't alive!
In the darkness of a soul the brightest the light
I run riots
Riots beckon to us each sunrise
Fire moves us beyond acceptance of evil
Greatest history lesson?
We never learn
Accountable for our own waking up
Fight for the cause
Search within you're the source!
We need each other
You'd better man up for your finest hour
Organize and shine
There's no coming savior
You ARE the one!
Chorus: x2
Track Name: P.T.C.S
Chorus x 2
It Seemed they got us
It seemed they would hold us down
Be the one laughing
All the way through lessons of life
It seemed they got us it seemed
They would hold us back
Be the one, dancing
All the way All the way
Through the tunnel of light

Verse One:
Kick the hourglass
Shift the sand
Time's an illusion
Don't spend your life finding it out
Eternity within
De-calcify your pineal gland
Revolve mindsets
Torch all signs
Do trespass
This la la land is due to be gentrified
Always Question
I hear opinions
But this story is mine
A road less traveled
Me and my struggles
My feet and gravel
A mystery
No bigger faith than letting go of what you already know
Religion and addiction so alike
I see them fighting for their dogmas
Like junkies scraping up a last high

Chorus x 2

Verse 2:
I need no magic books
Need no middle man
A Petri dish of separation
A trance keeping people asleep
Yes, I'm thirsty
Cause I'm a seeker
I dig deep
Been off the beaten track
And journaled this EP
Never hungry
My compass sustains me
A voice in the wilderness
My Zenith
I've found it 
My aura surrounds it
Never again will I give it away
For too long I searched for away
They've sold us all kinds of lies
Babylon is fallen
And Finally we see we're made of stars
Freedom - my birthright
Religion - a birthmark
from past lives
Must have been shackled too many times
I was stuck
I'm marching forth now
Stand up, come along
Stand up, come along
We're marching forth hand in hand

Origami Rascals
Chorus x 2
Track Name: Concrete Envelopes
Concrete Envelopes
Verse 1.

A bucket of paint
A roller and a brush
A handful of caps
Montana cans
An empty fridge
Worn out shoes
Overdrawn card
Sketchbooks are full
Snake-book, Twitter,
Insta-damn, Flicker
Stats are red
but I'm still not eating
Giddy up daemons
I'm getting up
My name so high
Leaving no blanks
We never slaved from 9 to 5
We built this town
Line after line
All we're left with
Rainbow lungs
And dirty palms
Rascals unite
All city canvas
Most Wanted
Zero Dark Thirty
London bridge
Is falling down
falling down

With a splintered heart
And a quick hand
I'm writing my name
Each soul needs space
Concrete envelopes
In God's lost mail

Verse 2.
I am a child who survived
Day dreamer
Falling asleep to wake up
I am when I still my mind
Seen your kind before
You're reaching for what you can't have
Preaching riches, followed by sheeples
I need no saviors
This booth is my steeple
I was saved once

Every pay day
Encouraged to clear my account

10 percent
Shepherds in expensive cars
My pockets with no bus fare to church
I fat-cap over your dogmas
Bearers of fake light
I need no melanoma
Tonight I'm binging on ambrosia
A free thinker
A trespassing spirit
Your walls, our city,
My crew my brethren
These ladders are
my stairway to heaven
Chorus x 5
Track Name: Where Clouds Abound

Rebel / Rascal / Renegade
Rebel / Rascal / Renegade


Where I'm from
It's so cold
Even gangsters pull their pants up
Raised next to a Soviet Military base
My first obsession was digging mines up
Risk taker form the cradle
Most talented?
With zest cast in Heaven
Primary love sweat through a
Secondary language
As storms make great pilots
I exercise all angles
Even Yoda well speaks not
What's important?
A soul of a winemaker or vineyard soil ?
Time's short, distractions clatter
If creativity was money, I'd be a chief bankster
So richly eclectic
In the Kingdom of Kitch
I'm a mother-fucking monster


Dream on - Dreamer
Fly on - Fliyer
Where Clouds Abound
I am the occupier

Tag me in your prayers
Or shoot me through my heart
Tag me in the future
And from the ground depart


I was deeply lost
Now I'm geo-tracked
Call me with a spotlight over monochrome skies
No cave, no cape
Not a legend
I'm not dead
Read the key, see the threat
Rollers, ladders, scorpion hair silhouette
Royal Flyness burnished title
VNA my tarnished bible
Origami crown
Very Nearly Almost famous
Nowhere near saved
A fallen hero
They tasered my wings of prayer
Proven guilty of crime against mediocrity
Half measures?
Celestial as ever
Reciting this internal stuff
It echoes back like a sonar to chart where I stand
Where You at ? Ha



I'm NOT an origami-man
I AM origami, MAN
Every day unfolds
The riches of who I truly am
Check Check
Fear knocked at the door
Faith answered
Here I stand, paint on my face, fists clenched
Never enough
So I sold my soul for a can of aerosol
Mountains, valleys
My life not a plane to follow
A fold and a crease
Reverse, obverse
A rebel not a slave lighting up dead cells
Banners up
Scars of yesterday
Woven through tapestry of now
No guarantee for tomorrow
Never a white-flag warrior
Sound your war drums


One for the city
Two for the Rascals
One for the city
Two for the Rascals
Origami Rascals
Origami Rascals
On fat-caps